Health Ministries

The mission of the Health Ministries is “to promote the physical, mental and spiritual health of our congregation and community by using our church as a center for health and wholeness, thereby transforming lives in preparation for the Heavenly Kingdom.”
Our goal is to support the Gospel ministry leading individuals to health, wholeness and holiness.
Our Ministry team consists of both health professionals and interested lay people. The only requirements are a commitment to our Health principles and a desire to share them with others.

Our ministry has both an inward focus (our congregation) and an outward focus (our community).

We plan to use the SDA Church’s CREATION program as the basis for our church-related ministry. Over time, we will both present and implement lifestyle changes to foster the Health principles of 1. Choice, 2. Rest, 3. Environment, 4. Activity, 5. Trust, 6. Interpersonal relationships, 7. Outlook and 8. Nutrition. We will provide ongoing guidance and activities in each of these areas on a permanent basis, That will be supplemented by services specifically tailored to the needs identified by the congregation.

We also host Health EXPOs through which we offer a variety of health services and screenings as well as introduce the community to our message and our services.

Volunteers are always welcome. Anyone with a passion for service and a desire to work with us is invited to join. You may do so by filling out the form below or completing a simple statement of interest and sending it to

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Health Ministries Interest Form

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